The 21 fundamental things you must know when building an online business…

1. Defining your audience and your message

2. Market testing and gathering data

3. Analyzing and knowing your competitors

4. Devising what your offer is and price points

5. Methods of product or service delivery

6. Creating a unique and memorable brand

7. Sales scripts and closing sales

8. Mindset – Dealing with doubt and self-limiting beliefs

9. Organic customer acquisition

10. Paid customer acquisition

11. Search engine optimization fundamentals

12. Setting up business emails and calendars

13. What kind of website, sales funnels, and features you will need

14. Domains, hosting and website management

15. Fundamentals of choosing the right keywords

16. Registering your business the right way

17.  Setting up payment processes and accepting credit cards

18. Crafting Facebook ads, Adwords campaigns and copywriting

19. Preparing for growth and scaling your business

20. Hiring contractors and staff

21. Financial tracking and managing cash flow

Building an online business is very different from a normal business….
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